When I decided to take my case to trial, I was nervous about Kim's representation.  Once the trial started, though, she appeared to dance in the courtroom.

- Tina
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Expungement of Past Criminal Record
 If you or someone you know has a criminal record that is keeping them from being employable, an expunction could erase the record.  

Corey Law Office

Bend Oregon Family and Criminal Lawyer

Corey Law Office is located in Bend, Oregon. Established by Kimberly Corey, J.D.  Kimberly Corey is a criminal lawyer with an emphasis on DUI and also specializes in family law.  Kimberly Corey has over 14 years experience as a trial lawyer.

If you have recently been arrested for DUI, you should consult Corey Law Office immediately. Kimberly Corey has successfully defended many people charged with committing a crime.  She has defended people who have been accused of everything from Murder and Sexual Assault cases to DUI's and Possession of Controlled Substances.  She understands the fears everyone has with being charged with a crime and how it will effect them in the future, and she will fight to get you the best possible outcome for the situation.  She will work to provide you with the tools necessary to determine the best direction for your situation. 

If you are in need of a family lawyer or divorce attorney, you should contact Corey Law Office as soon as possible.  Each divorce and custody issue is unique and deserves indivualized attention.  Kimberly Corey understands that going through a separation can be as difficult, and that you may experience the same emotions going through a death in the family, and she strives to give you the attention that you need to get your case resolved.  

Kim has also been a successful appellate attorney, and is willing to argue an appeal on your behalf.  

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